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The first step in any social change is awareness. The documentary Miss Representation inspires awareness about the persistent stereotypes women face in media. The film discusses the ways women are shown in television and movies and how that has led to underrepresentation of women in positions of power and influence.

If you are an AAUW college/university partner member, you have the opportunity to spread awareness to your campus about the numerous ways women are represented as bad leaders. Here are four reasons you should host a screening of this documentary on your campus:

1)      AAUW C/U partner members can show the film at a discounted price of $200 (normally $295)! To get this deal, the film must be ordered by the end of November, but you can show the movie at any point during the school year.

2)      Once your students are aware of this often-overlooked inequality, they’ll be more likely to view the media with critical thinking and do something to change it in their future careers.

3)      Since the movie touches on the way women politicians are represented, it brings up timely issues to think about with the 2012 presidential election.

4)      It’s a great opportunity to tell students about AAUW and our work to promote women in leadership through programs such as the Elect Her initiative, the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, and $tart $mart salary negotiation workshops, not to mention our free e-student affiliate memberships for all students at partner member schools!

Please e-mail coll-univ@aauw.org to receive the C/U discount code to host a screening of Miss Representation and to start raising awareness on your campus today!

And remember, AAUW branches can host a screening for free if they split the proceeds with MissRepresentation.org. Check out the Program in a Box for more details.

This post was written by AAUW College and University Relationships Intern Vanessa Wolbrink.

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Interested in an Opportunity for FREE AAUW Membership for Undergraduate Students?

AAUW is hosting two College/University Partnership Webinars on January 25, 2010: one at 1 p.m. EST for college/university representatives and one at 6 p.m. EST for AAUW member leaders. The webinars will provide an overview of AAUW’s college/university partner member program and will highlight the extensive benefits that AAUW offers to students. The webinar for AAUW member leaders will also cover specific strategies for recruiting and retaining c/u partner members.

Students who attend institutions that are AAUW college/university partner members get priority on a number of opportunities for leadership development, education, and project funding. Additionally, they gain access to cutting-edge gender equity research and policy initiatives and receive exclusive member discounts on numerous products, including books from Barnes and Noble, test-preparation materials from The Princeton Review, and so much more! Plus, all undergraduate students at AAUW college/university partner members are immediately eligible to be FREE AAUW e-student affiliates and to receive a FREE, full-year membership after they graduate!

As a graduate student in higher education administration, I understand the importance of resources and services that benefit the college students I interact with on a daily basis. As a future student affairs professional, I can assure you that involvement with AAUW and the college/university partner member program will be the best decision you can make for your institution or an institution in your community.

Throughout the webinar you will hear about student experiences with AAUW programs and learn about key benefits associated with college/university partner membership and, most importantly, you’ll be able to tell us what types of resources would benefit your institutions. You’ll also learn how AAUW is already helping colleges and universities.

Please share the information about this webinar with your colleagues and e-mail khorakiwalaz@aauw.org to RSVP for the webinar. After you RSVP, you will receive specific instructions on how to participate closer to the January 25, 2010, event.

Are there specific resources or benefits that your college/university or one in your community is seeking from AAUW? We would love to hear your feedback!

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Carol Virostek

Carol Virostek, AAUW college/university relations committee chair

“I firmly believe that our partnerships with colleges and universities and our ties with their individual students are the key to the future of this organization and a powerful catalyst for helping female students and graduates become all that they can be.”

–Carol Virostek, AAUW college /university relations committee chair

Last week AAUW held the first annual College/University Luncheon at our national headquarters in Washington, D.C. The event focused on AAUW’s commitment to fostering relationships with colleges and universities in the area and raising awareness regarding college/university partner memberships.

The event began with an inspiring opening from Carol Virostek, AAUW’s college/university relations committee chair. She informed attendees that AAUW uses research to “dispel myths, reveal injustices, provide opportunities, and prompt reform.”

Research, advocacy, philanthropy, and education are the backbone of AAUW’s plan to change the world, and it is a pivotal time for colleges and universities to engage in partner membership in order to build a strong legacy for generations to come. Virostek urged campus representatives to consider becoming partner members because, in these difficult times when we all need opportunities and resources, “we cannot afford not to.”

Aeriel Anderson

Aeriel Anderson, former Student Advisory Council member and National Conference for College Women Student Leaders attendee

Carol was followed by three students who each shared their experiences with AAUW’s fellowships and grants and leadership programs. Aeriel Anderson spoke about her former role as a Student Advisory Council member and the invaluable skills she gained by attending the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. Attending the conference gave her the chance to be surrounded by women with similar passions and interests.

Sara Berndt

Sara Berndt, AAUW 2009–10 American Fellow, George Washington University

Sara Berndt, a doctoral student at the George Washington University, discussed her appreciation for the 2009–10 American Fellowship she received from AAUW. Sara mentioned that, as a doctoral student, it can be extremely difficult to manage basic life necessities. With the help of AAUW, she has been able to better cope with the demands of graduate-level work and the pressures of everyday life.

Amber Boyd

Amber Boyd, AAUW 2009–10 Career Development Grant recipient, Georgetown University

Amber Boyd, a student at Georgetown University, who received a 2009–10 Career Development Grant, spoke poignantly about her deep appreciation for the resources AAUW has provided her as she pursues her bachelor’s degree.

The event concluded with Cordy Galligan, AAUW director of corporate relationships, who shared the amazing benefits of becoming a college/university partner member. Cordy explained how partner members benefit from AAUW’s long history of awarding fellowships and grants and from our strong voice in Washington advancing education and equity. She discussed a wide array of student opportunities, which include participation in invaluable leadership programs, access to Legal Advocacy Fund Campus Outreach Program grants, and our most recent initiative, free e-student affiliate membership for all full-time undergraduate students enrolled at an AAUW college/university partner.

The College/University Luncheon was an inspiring event that brought together AAUW member leaders and college and university representatives from the D.C. area, to discuss opportunities for involvement with AAUW.

If you would like more information on college/university partner membership, please contact coll-univ@aauw.org or 800/326-2289.

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