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One of the best gifts I ever received was chicks that went to family in Cameroon to provide eggs that they needed for nutrients, as well as extras to share or sell; the chicks gave the family independence and sustainability.

After receiving that thoughtful gift, I have made a conscious decision to give gifts that contribute to the greater good. While trying to bring smiles to the face of loved ones, it makes me feel good when I can give on a larger level as well.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is known as black Friday — the day where retailers finally move their books from red to black. It is also the symbolic start of the holiday shopping season. As you are making your holiday buying decisions, consider some “green” giving options. There are many great ways to give.

If you want to support your community, look at fundraisers or events held by AAUW branches, churches, schools, or other civic organizations. They often sell cookbooks or calendars that make great gifts.

I often shop for “fair trade” items that are purchased from underemployed artisans from around the globe who get a fair wage for their crafts. When you buy from an artist co-op, the artist will get a majority of the proceeds, and the rest often goes to programs that promote arts in the local community.

AAUW has a partnership with Barnes and Noble online, which gives members a discount on books. With each purchase, AAUW receives a royalty that supports our programs and services, including community programs, leadership development, NCCWSL, and branch resources. If you are giving a book or music this season, wouldn’t it be great to know it’s going to help break through barriers for women and girls?

If you have any AAUW members on your list this year, remember that ShopAAUW has the perfect gift for them. If your loved ones are not AAUW members, or you know of someone who would be a great addition to the AAUW community, consider buying them the gift of membership.

It’s sometimes hard to find the perfect gift, but how can you go wrong when you know that the gift you give is also going to support a worthy cause?

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