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Thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks. Black Friday is a day for getting deals. Why not designate a day for giving back? That’s the question that inspired Giving Tuesday, a day to launch the season of giving that comes with the holidays.

As an organization rated highly by Charity Navigator, NerdWallet, GreatNonprofits, and others, we know how important philanthropy is. In fact, we see the impact AAUW donors have every day. In honor of Giving Tuesday, we wanted to share a success story that illustrates what kind of work AAUW can do thanks to your generosity — but we couldn’t pick just one! Check out these six inspiring stories that were made possible by AAUW donors.

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Fellowships and Grants

Writing a dissertation and raising young daughters at the same time wasn’t easy, but the Rev. Dori Baker didn’t want to choose between a career and raising a family. Thanks to a fellowship from AAUW, she didn’t have to. “The fellowship literally paid for my child care while I wrote,” Baker says, and it gave her the time she needed to write.

Now a published author who has advanced in her career, Baker is able to mentor young adults — particularly young women — as they figure out their futures.

Today, on Giving Tuesday, support women like Baker: Donate today!


NCCWSL Scholarships    

Evelyn Garcia Morales grew up in a poverty-ridden community with drug and gang problems. She knows leadership opportunities for young people are important — that’s why she works with low-income high school students. Morales found inspiration for her work at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, which she was able to attend thanks to a scholarship from an AAUW branch.

“The energy in the room was so powerful — it woke me up in a way and acted as the slingshot I needed to keep me going in my new career path,” Morales says. “And I now feel so connected to this larger community of support that wants to see me develop holistically and will continue to make sure women are lifted up.”

AAUW supports women leaders from day one. Help us keep this going — support this powerful conference today!


Tech Trek Camps

Girls need more opportunities to gain confidence and skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Now,  eighth-grade girls in Ohio, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, and Washington will get that chance thanks to a pilot program to bring Tech Trek to sites across the country. This weeklong summer camp shows girls how fun STEM can be.

If we can raise the funds to make the pilot program a success, then we can bring the camps to more states next year and open the doors to well-paid STEM careers.

Want to inspire girls to pursue STEM? Support these exciting camps today!


AAUW Research

“[AAUW’s report] blows a hole in the argument that women are paid less because they take time off to have children.”

— ThinkProgress.org

Since 1885, AAUW’s research has debunked all kinds of myths about women. Want to help? Donate today!


Campus Action Project Grants

This April, students at the University of Arizona will learn about wage discrimination from these women, who are hosting Mind the Gap Day to empower fellow students to stand for fair pay.

Financial support for Mind the Gap comes from AAUW’s Campus Action Project grants, which fund groups of students and faculty who use AAUW research and recommendations to address issues on a local level.

AAUW puts our research into practice. Help us make a difference today.


Pay Equity

When Lilly Ledbetter lost her lawsuit for equal pay, she knew she couldn’t just give up and go home.

“I had to stand up for what was right, but I wasn’t alone,” Ledbetter said. “Thanks to the hard work of AAUW and ordinary Americans who called their legislators to support pay equity legislation, we are on our way to winning the fight to close the wage gap. AAUW is a key leader of these continuing efforts.”

Help AAUW support women like Ledbetter. Donate today!

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