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In this week of highlighting women and art on the blog, I believe it is important to remember the crucial financial support that the AAUW Art Contest offers our programming. Each year, the AAUW Art Contest mailing, which contains the winning entries on note cards or calendars, is sent to all members with a donation request to support our barrier-breaking work. Because the selected artwork is from members, the contest is a wonderful way for them to donate their talents to AAUW. And what talented members we have!

Sunset at the edge of the St. Lawrence River, 2010 winner, Phyllis Swonk, Ann Arbor, MI

The winning pieces in the AAUW Art Contest are selected by members and a panel of past winners. 2010 contest winner Phyllis Swonk, a member of the AAUW Ann Arbor (MI) Branch and a retired art teacher, agreed to donate her time and expertise by judging the 2011 contest. “I look[ed] for good composition, a quality of technique, and also for the extra something that is hard to put in words that the art in some way makes a special connection to me on an emotional level,” she said.

Caroline Sanchez, an AAUW Danville-Alamo (CA) Branch member and 2010 contest winner, has participated for the past two years. “I was so excited when I heard I had won. I told my family that we have 100,000 members, and my painting was one of those picked. I also was grateful to our branch members that took the time to support me … It was a great tribute and very exciting to see my work printed.” Her 2011 submission was selected by AAUW staff to raise funds through ShopAAUW. Look for the note cards featuring her work on ShopAAUW starting next week!

Both Swonk and Sanchez were drawn to the idea of art as an avenue for donation to AAUW. “I have never entered my work in contests or art exhibits before, so this gives me a good place to compete while helping AAUW,” said Sanchez.

Upcoming ShopAAUW Note Card, Caroline Sanchez, Danville-Alamo, CA

Swonk said, “I knew the selected artwork would be used as a fundraiser, and I am very committed to the idea of my work furthering the cause for AAUW to further education for women here and abroad. … I also felt the first piece I submitted was one of the better photos I had ever taken and wanted to share it with the membership.” Both women agree that this year’s art submissions contain a nice variety of intriguing compositions.

The online galleries of 2012 submissions and past winners are easy to view on AAUW’s website. Don’t forget — each time you vote, you will be automatically entered into a drawing to win one of 10 $25 certificates to ShopAAUW. This year, the six contest winners will be featured on note cards that will be sent to all AAUW members in April! If you are not yet an AAUW member or haven’t renewed your membership, now is the perfect time to join and guarantee that you receive these unique AAUW note cards featuring your favorite art submissions!

This post was written by AAUW Donor Communications Intern Sarah Spencer.

This week, AAUW Dialog is celebrating women in the arts. In addition to the stories published here, members can vote for their six favorite works of art in our online gallery each week through March 4, and everyone can participate in the AAUW Thumbs-up Award contest on Facebook through March 6. Art week culminates in a March 1 event in Washington, D.C., at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

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Women are great leaders, you are following one now.While attending the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, I was helping an exhibitor display their merchandise. I had just set down a stack of bumper stickers that read “Women are natural leaders. You are following one now.” Two workers came up and immediately began joking with one another.

“Hey, if you take the w-o off the front then this would be right!” (followed by hilarious laughter on their part at their witticism).

“Yep, take off that w-o, and this is sure true … we all know men are the superior race.”

Was I really hearing this? As I stood there contemplating debating these men, I was struck with an inward rage. I could annihilate them verbally, which would probably have just given them more fodder for their comments, or I could maintain the disdainful silence and quirked eyebrow method of response I was currently utilizing.

Working with a group of men who “get it,” I frequently forget that there are millions who don’t. It makes me appreciate AAUW even more than I normally do, because for almost 130 years, we’ve shouted from the rooftops that equity is needed. We first fought the battle for women to take their rightful place in America’s classrooms. Then the emphasis shifted to America’s voting booths. Currently we’re spearheading the fight for pay equity. Men and women, working side by side for the same issue. What’s the reality? What I see in the halls of AAUW? Or what I saw at that exhibitor’s table?

No black or white, clear-cut answer here. They are both the reality. Someone once said that truth is a sphere and changes depending on the direction from which you look. The same can be said for reality. What I see here daily is a reality, and my two rapier-witted friends were a reality as well.

But there was one other reality. There were almost 500 young women attending the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders and only two Neanderthals. Hmmm … 500 to 2 … I’ll take those odds.

This post is by Cordy Galligan, Director of Corporate Relations at AAUW.

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Each week, AAUW holds a meeting to discuss upcoming blog topics for AAUW Dialog. In preparation for AAUW’s upcoming national convention, someone suggested writing about AAUW history, so I decided to test out one piece of AAUW history in particular.

Jackie Littleton, a member of the AAUW Board of Directors, found a cookbook complied by the AAUW-Grand Island (NE) Branch in 1951 at a Texas estate sale. AAUW has managed to recreate and republish the cookbook, and it will be sold through ShopAAUW at convention and online. This has to have been the most fun I have ever had researching material for a blog.

dancingdatesEverything in the cookbook was so fun. But some things are quite odd, like the number of date pudding recipes (three!), the pictures of dancing dates, or “fat” listed as an ingredient. The recipes looked really good, so I decided to try the sour cream spice cake. Because I think everything tastes better in cupcake form, I decided to make cupcakes instead.

I went with a penuche frosting recipe suggested by Cupcake Project, originally from Southern Food on About.com.

spicecakeWhile I really like to cook, I am not that accomplished as a baker. But I was really pleased with the way that the cupcakes turned out. Taking on this vintage recipe was an adventure that I enjoyed.

The attendees of the blog meeting served as taste-testers for the cupcakes, which received good reviews. They were described as “sweet and salty” by one blog contributor.

If you get a chance to make anything from the cookbook, leave a comment and let everyone know how it turned out! And join us at the AAUW convention later this week as history is made.


Spice Cake Batter


Meeting Attendees enjoying cupcakes


Finished Cupcakes

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One of the best gifts I ever received was chicks that went to family in Cameroon to provide eggs that they needed for nutrients, as well as extras to share or sell; the chicks gave the family independence and sustainability.

After receiving that thoughtful gift, I have made a conscious decision to give gifts that contribute to the greater good. While trying to bring smiles to the face of loved ones, it makes me feel good when I can give on a larger level as well.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is known as black Friday — the day where retailers finally move their books from red to black. It is also the symbolic start of the holiday shopping season. As you are making your holiday buying decisions, consider some “green” giving options. There are many great ways to give.

If you want to support your community, look at fundraisers or events held by AAUW branches, churches, schools, or other civic organizations. They often sell cookbooks or calendars that make great gifts.

I often shop for “fair trade” items that are purchased from underemployed artisans from around the globe who get a fair wage for their crafts. When you buy from an artist co-op, the artist will get a majority of the proceeds, and the rest often goes to programs that promote arts in the local community.

AAUW has a partnership with Barnes and Noble online, which gives members a discount on books. With each purchase, AAUW receives a royalty that supports our programs and services, including community programs, leadership development, NCCWSL, and branch resources. If you are giving a book or music this season, wouldn’t it be great to know it’s going to help break through barriers for women and girls?

If you have any AAUW members on your list this year, remember that ShopAAUW has the perfect gift for them. If your loved ones are not AAUW members, or you know of someone who would be a great addition to the AAUW community, consider buying them the gift of membership.

It’s sometimes hard to find the perfect gift, but how can you go wrong when you know that the gift you give is also going to support a worthy cause?

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